Kratom: Extracts

Kratom TreeOver time, kratom users may experience a higher tolerance which can lead to an increased dosage. It is generally recommended to rotate between different strains, thus avoiding an increase in tolerance. Kratom affects each individual differently and it’s recommended that users pay close attention to the effects which will allow them to fine tune the dosage until it’s perfect for them. One option, for those experiencing a higher tolerance than others is kratom extract!

Extract is one of the strongest forms of Kratom. During the extraction process, the majority of the leaf matter is removed, leaving the active alkaloids. There are several forms of extraction, but the most effective is done at high levels of heat. These extraction methods include using hydro (water) or ethanol (alcohol) or acidic (lemon juice); some companies even use all three. When making an extract, it is important preserve as much of the active alkaloid content as possible. The three main alkaloids are mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and mitraphylline and each method extracts a certain amount of each alkaloid. An extract that includes all three methods of extraction is called a Full Spectrum Extract (FSE) or similarly a Full Spectrum Tincture (FST).

For experienced users, extracts are a good option as they are significantly stronger than non-extract products and require smaller doses which is more convenient. When using Extract it is essential to correctly convert your dosage to avoid taking too much. A typical effect of taking too much kratom is the feeling of tiredness, watery eyes and general sedation. For some, sedation is the effect that they are seeking. That is one of the amazing benefits to kratom. In smaller to moderate doses, one will experience pain relief and energy. Kratom extract, in most cases, is mixed with regular kratom powder as an enhancer. It is important to always use kratom responsibly and with caution. Do not take kratom if you plan to operate machinery or vehicles. Use the same common sense as you would with any medicine that can cause drowsiness. Do not mix kratom with prescription medications without first consulting with your primary care physician.